• Discover the epitome of luxury with our Hermine de Pashmina women's cashmere collection. From V-neck sweaters to elegant cardigans, our high-quality cashmere elevates your style. #WomensCashmere

    Discover Luxury Cashmere Sweaters by Hermine de Pashmina

  • Elevate your style with our luxurious women's round-neck cashmere sweater, brought to you by Hermine de Pashmina. Made from high-quality cashmere, this sweater envelops you in softness and warmth. Available in multiple sizes and colors.
  • Revitalize your wardrobe with our exquisite V-neck cashmere sweater for women by Hermine de Pashmina. Crafted with high-quality cashmere, this sweater epitomizes elegance and comfort.
  • Elevate your style to a new level of luxury with our turtleneck cashmere sweater for women from Hermine de Pashmina. Woven from high-quality cashmere, this sweater envelops you in unmatched softness.
  • Discover sophistication with our men's cashmere collection by Hermine de Pashmina. From the elegant V-neck to the timeless round neck, to the luxurious turtleneck and the stylish trucker, high-quality cashmere pieces
  • Make no compromise on luxury while respecting your budget. Our selection of affordable and on-sale women's cashmere at Hermine de Pashmina offers the excellence of high-quality cashmere at irresistible prices

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Hermine de Pashmina Collection @ Winter 2024

Winter 2024

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