Washing Instruction for the Cashmere collection

Wash the cashmere of Hermine de Pashmina as often as possible to preventing from the pilling.

Your sweater will embellish as the time goes by and will become softer and smoother.

We recommend you to wash your sweater after having wearing it twice or three times maximum.

  • Hand-wash or by Machine
  • Cold wool option (less 30°)
  • Soft spinning (400 turns maximum)
  • Products: Woolite or a mix of shampoo and conditioner
  • Flat drying
  • Ironing if necessary with a soft iron without steam
  • No dry cleaner

Washing instructions for the Cotton & Linen collection

  • Hand washing, 30° maximum
  • Washing, delicate program, 30° maximum
  • No drum drying
  • Ironing 150° maximum