Hermine de Pashmina is a French company founded in 2000. Its aim is to popularize cashmere on the European market by offering optimal quality at a competitive price with ordinary wool, with products originating from Nepal and Inner Mongolia, we seek excellence especially to make you benefit from it. Hermine de Pashmina is not limited to e-commerce. A first boutique opened in September 2006, in Paris Hermine de Pashmina currently has 2 boutiques in France (Paris) and relies on a distribution combining in-store sales and online sales. Hermine de Pashmina is a brand of Comptoir Français oriental et de Mongolie, a major European actor in the distribution of cashmere sweaters and accessories to independent brands.


The advantages of Hermine de Pashmina: - A quality/price ratio among the best on the French market - Pure cashmere pullovers from 200 to 400 grams (2, 6, 8 yarns) - A wide choice of cuts and shapes - A very varied palette of colours - Collections adapted to each season - Assorted accessories - An ethical and supportive approach...

Our stores: Hermine de Pashmina Prochainement dans le 16éme 32 rue Croix des petits champs 75001 Paris