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Pure Cashmere Cobalt Blue Pashmina
  • Pure Cashmere Cobalt Blue Pashmina

Pure Cashmere Pashmina Cobalt blue

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Pure Cashmere Pashmina Cobalt blue

  • 100% pure Cashmere
  • Size 200cm x 75cm
  • 100% Pure Cashmere Pashmina Hermine de Pashmina
  • Delicate or woolens washing cycle or Dry-cleaning
  • Imported Nepal


Rare and precious, our genuine Nepalese Pashmina 100% Cashmere are handcrafted by master craftsmen, on a loom.

Cashmere wool is produced by small goats Himalayan mountains, from 3,000 to 4,500 meters above sea level.

This pashmina becomes more and more soft with use.The fibers are at the same time very light, very soft and resistant, making it one of the finest wools in the world.


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Captivating Elegance with the Pure Cashmere Cobalt Blue Pashmina

Embark on a journey of luxury and sophistication with our 100% cashmere cobalt blue Pashmina, an artisanal creation from the Hermine de Pashmina brand. Crafted in 100% ultra-soft pure cashmere, this high-end cobalt blue Pashmina is the result of unparalleled Nepalese craftsmanship.

Unmatched Comfort

Each luxury cobalt blue cashmere scarf is a true work of art. The cashmere fibers are light, soft, and durable, offering unmatched comfort and exceptional durability. This Pashmina becomes even softer over time, proving its superior quality.

Artisanship of Excellence

This pure cashmere cobalt blue shawl is handwoven on traditional looms, making each piece unique. More than just a simple cobalt blue cashmere winter accessory, it's a true statement of style and values.

Fashion Tips

Pair this Hermine de Pashmina cobalt blue Pashmina with a cashmere sweater or a cashmere cardigan of contrasting color for a chic and casual look. Shades of gray or beige go particularly well with cobalt blue.

Easy Maintenance

This cobalt blue cashmere winter accessory is as practical as it is aesthetic. It is compatible with cold machine washing or dry cleaning, making it ideal for daily use.

A Luxurious Choice

Opt for this elegant cobalt blue cashmere shawl and transform every moment into a luxurious experience. It's more than just an accessory; it's a statement of style and values.

The Hermine de Pashmina Brand

Our brand is synonymous with quality and elegance. Each cobalt blue Hermine de Pashmina Pashmina is an exceptional piece that reflects our commitment to excellence.

Origin and Authenticity

Crafted in the Himalayas, our genuine Nepalese Pashminas reflect ancestral craftsmanship. The pure cashmere cobalt blue Pashmina is a rare and precious piece that will accompany you for many years.


Don't miss this opportunity to own an artisanal cobalt blue Pashmina that combines comfort, style, and durability. Make this Pashmina your choice for a soft and elegant winter.